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Wild Ceylon

Welcome to Discover the Hidden Beauty of Sri Lanka.

We are introducing Wild Ceylon - Wild Life Experience for Various places in Sri Lanka. Choose your package and destination place you wish to spend your wild life experience with common experience or uncommon.

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Wasgamuwa Wild Life Tour

Wasgamuwa National Park located in the Central Province of Sri Lanka is little known to many visitors as a Wildlife Park. The Eco System and the Natural Environment therein is largely unspoiled.  

Wasgamuwa is famous as an elephant habitat. These elephants, the population of which is about 150- 200 are known to be less habituated to people and it is the unique feature in Wasgamuwa. According to many wildlife lovers, it is certainly one of the best places in Sri Lanka to watch and experience ‘Wild Elephants' in their own habitat. They are in fact wild and raw and of course bigger in size than most of the elephants found in other National Parks. It shall be an extremely vibrant wildlife experience to see and watch their magnificent behaviour.
In addition to that, 23 species of mammal are to be found in the park .Other mammal species present include the sloth bear, leopard, golden jackal, water buffalo, slender Loris, wild boar, spotted deer, braking deer, sambar, and black napped hare. 143 species of birds are to be found in Wasgamuwa while 35 species of reptile are also recorded in the park. In addition, the park is home to, 15 species of amphibians, 17 species of fish and 52 species of butterflies.
The Park with an extent of around 100,000 Acres of wilderness is surrounded on one side by Mahaweli River and other side by Amban River and it stretches up to Parakrama Samudraya in Polonnaruwa side. It has a large no of tanks and grass lands inside which are habitat to many species of Birds and other animals mentioned above and provides nourishment to their food chain system.
Another important feature is that there are 3 main Ramayana related locations in and around Wasgamuwa. They are "Dunuwila Tank”,and ”Yudaganawa” in Wasgamuwa itself and "Biso Kotuwa” in Hasalaka on the route to Wasgamuwa.
They are special attractions to visitors interested in Indian Culture and History.

Our Services
* Safari House - Wild-Safari Bungalow
* Eco House - Indian/Sri Lankan Traditional and Ancient Houses for Accommodation
* Attalaya/Tree House - Tree House on the Tree above from 20 feet from ground. And you can watch wild elephants and other animals from the top view LIVE

with Wild Life Tour to Wasgamuwa National Park Inside. (Full day tour/Evening or Morning Session)
Choose your tour

1. 1 Night/2 Days (+Morning or Evening Safari)
2. 1 Night/2 Days (+Full Day Safari)
3. 2 Night/3 Days (+Morning or Evening Safari)
4. 2 Night/3 Days (+Full Days Safari)

 Very Attractive Discounts for 2 Pax or more (* All Inclusive Safari Tour)

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1 Pax
1 night / 2 days
$ 331 / € 2483 - 4 hours Safari Tour
2 Pax
1 night / 2 days
$ 391 / € 292
3 - 4 hours Safari Tour
1 Pax
2 nights / 3 days
$ 412 / € 308
3 - 4 hours Safari Tour
2 Pax
2 nights / 3 days
$ 502 / € 375
3 - 4 hours Safari Tour

* BBQ, Camp and Open Fire Available on request (Not Included to Package)

* Very Attractive Discounts for more than 6 pax

Yala Wild Life Tour

Yala National Park  20 minutes drive

Yala or commonly known as Ruhunu National Park offers dense jungle to scrubland and also to open parkland. Different methods of adaptation of plants to the drought are really interesting such as the trees being rather short, sometimes with spines and a reduced leaf- surface. The most prominent wild life species found in the Yala wild life reserve in Sri Lanka are the elephant and the leopard., but there are other several species as deer, sambur, bear, wild boar, wild buffalo, peacock, crocodiles and many varieties of birds including migratory species.

Kirinda Beach 

Kirinda is a small but beautiful village on the southern coast of Sri Lanka, 10 km south of Tissa & close to Kataragama. It has a beautiful beach and a Buddhist shrine built on a huge round rock. The area is also close to the Great and Little Basses reefs which provide some of the most spectacular scuba diving in the country. Kirinda was used as a land base by Arthur C. Clarke's party when diving for the Great Basses wreck (Treasures of the Reef).

One of the most well-known attractions in Kirinda is the statue of Queen Vihara Maha Devi, the heroine of the nation & mother of the hero of the nation, King Dutugamunu. This is situated on the spot where she is said to have landed after being set adrift on the sea from Kelaniya.

Bundala National Park

Bundala national park is a shallow lagoon teems with colour as thousands of migratory birds seek shelter from the northern winters. Flocks of flamingos, plovers,ducks and other migrants share the wetlands with resident storks,herons.and egrets.The park also offers a chance to spot elephants , crocodile jackal and other wildlife.

Attractions & Activities in Tissamaharamaya – at a walking distance

Tissamaharama is one of the most pleasant towns in the southern coast. The beautiful man-made tank (reservoir) in Tissa, Tissa Wewa with its remarkable bird life provides the scenic backdrop to the town. Modern Tissa is a bustling city with the main street lined with banks, shops & littlecafes and kiosks. Refreshing breeze from the large reservoir sweeps the town. The town in turn is bounded by a beautiful expanse of paddy fields. In the midst of paddy fields stands most impressive of Tissa's dagobas (stupas). The combination of cluster of dagobas & two beautiful tanks lend Tissa a certain distinction & a sense of history making it in sharp contrast with the other towns of southern coast.

Activities to do...

Bird Watching


Pelicans, painted storks, Eagles and Kingfishers are frequently seen in the surrounding lake side area. All the birds can be observed from our garden.

Included things to Package

Fully Air Conditioned Rooms

Bungalows are Available (Option 1)

Hotel/Guest House (Option 2) 

Full Board Meals

Safari Jeep Fares

Luxury Transfers for tours

Entrance Tickets

Tour Facilities

Boat Tours

Nature Walks

Night Viewing Tours

Big Gardens for Bird Watching and All Nature Experiences. 

Room Amenities

Fully A/C Rooms

Private Shower Cabin

Lobby/Living Areas

Sitting Areas

Full Board Meals and Restaurant Dinning

Swimming Pool

24 Security

All Basic Things

 2 Nights / 3 Days
 4 Nights / 5 Days

 1 Pax
$ 444 / € 329
$ 566 / € 420
Half Day/Evening Safari

 2 Pax
$ 523 / € 388
$ 661 / € 490
Half Day/Evening Safari

* All Inclusive Package and No any charges for included services (Full Board Packages are here)

* Children Policies - 50% for 5 - 12 Years Childrens

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